What is Counselling?

At Integrate Health Services, we provide individual, couples and family counselling services that are tailored to meet the needs of our client(s). Our counselling team consists of Registered Professionals (Psychologists, Social Workers, Psychotherapists etc.) who work in collaboration with client(s) to assist them in setting realistic counselling goals and in developing the knowledge and the skills to reach their potential. We provide a non-judgmental and supportive environment that focuses on providing client-centered care, with an emphasis on identifying individual, couples, relationship and family strengths. Therapists will utilize various evidence-based and therapeutic approaches such as: cognitive behavioural therapy, solution-focused therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, brief therapy, art therapy approaches, play therapy approaches and structural and strategic family therapy.

Integrate Health Services supports children, youth and adolescents who may have social, emotional or behavioural difficulties. We will meet with clients and their parent(s)/guardian(s) to address concerns and to determine counselling goals during the first sessions. Counselling strategies will then be personalized to address the needs of each client and their family. Our therapists utilize creative approaches to effectively engage with younger clients such as art and play therapy activities. At Integrate Health Services, our therapists balance the need for clients to have a “safe” space to engage in self-expression, develop confidence and skills, while also focusing on addressing parental goals and concerns. Therapists will often “integrate” parents/guardians into parts of the sessions or provide individual sessions to parent(s)/guardian(s) to ensure that they are aware of skills being developed in sessions and to introduce strategies that they can utilize at home to reinforce these skills. 

Adult and Child Counselling, Group Support, Behaviour Therapy, Parent Support, Sibling Support, Parent Support Family Counselling|Integrate Health services, Ajax Whitby Oshawa Durham Region. Improve self confidence, manage anxiety, problem solving, manage conflict and bullying, manage depression. Reduce conflict, manage stress, improve relationships, improve communication, develop time management skills

Parent counselling services are provided to parents to support them in strengthening their relationship with their child(ren). The sessions also provide opportunities for parents to develop knowledge and skills to manage specific behavioural concerns in a calm and effective manner. Parents will be given opportunities to share the joys, challenges, and worries of parenting, and to discuss specific parenting goals. Sessions will be tailored to individual parent goals and will introduce various parenting skills and approaches, which in turn will increase parental confidence and competence to utilize these skills. Our therapists can also assist parents to work collaboratively with each other to implement consistent parenting strategies. Parent counselling services can also be delivered to parents going through divorce, separation or significant family changes, with the goal of establishing consistent parenting strategies and plans to assist children in coping with changes to the family structure.

Integrate Health Services provides adult individual counselling services to individuals who may be struggling with work expectations, relationships, physical or mental health concerns, etc. Counselling can provide opportunities for individuals to be in a safe environment to discuss whatever might be on their minds. Caring, non-judgmental professionals can help one feel supported. Counselling can also help individuals better understand their challenges and consider more effective ways to manage their difficulties.

Couples/family therapy aims to strengthen individuals and the family system together and can provide the family with the skills to effectively manage everyday problems or ongoing concerns. Couples/family counselling places focus on the enhancing relationships or the family as a whole unit, instead of focusing solely on individual problems. Therapists identify strengths and work with couples/families to increase cohesiveness and be mindful of different values. Couples/families will explore existing communication patterns, cycles of conflict and will be given an opportunity to express their underlying thoughts and feelings. Therapists will work with all individuals to strengthen relationships, improve communication and problem-solving skills, with the goal of making positive changes to relationship dynamics.

What are the benefits of Counselling Services?

Individual Counselling Can:

  • Enhance self- esteem and confidence
  • Develop emotional regulation skills to manage anxiety and stress
  • Improve academic or vocational performance
  • Develop skills to express emotions more effectively
  • Reduce conflict with family members, peers or co
  • workers and to develop problem
  • solving and conflict resolution skills
  • Help cope with family changes (i.e. sickness, divorce, death)
  • Help manage bullying, teasing or rejection
  • Help prepare and cope with life changes or transitions
  • Development of positive coping strategies to manage depression, mood swings or anxiety
  • Improve family relationships and minimize conflict
  • Build positive friendships and develop effective social communication skills
  • Establish rules and routines at home and increase compliance
  • Develop organizational and time management skills

Couples/Families Counselling Can:

  • To improve communication patterns and express feelings in a healthy and appropriate manner
  • To reduce couple/family conflict and to develop problem-solving and conflict resolution skills
  • Reduce tension and build trust between partners and family members
  • To allow a safe space for individual family members to feel heard, supported and understood
  • Increase feelings of individual empowerment and strengthen the couple or family relationship

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