Integrate Health Services is a multi-disciplinary team that supports individuals of all ages. We seek to empower clients with comprehensive services that are accessible at one location. We use evidence-based practices and work collaboratively with clients to develop treatment plans to meet individual and family needs. We are fortunate to have a partnership with Kids Clinic and Developmental Paediatrician Dr. Khattak.
No, you do not require a referral for Integrate Health Services. Please call our Central Intake Number or complete our Online Central Intake Form and we will contact you to provide more information about our programs and services.
Our programs and services are fee for service. Many of our services may be covered by Extended Health Care benefits. Please contact us for further information. Our programs and services are not covered under OHIP. For more information about Kids Clinic services, please visit www.kidsclinic.ca.
Information that you share with us is confidential. A client file will be maintained containing written reports and observations made by our trained staff. Legally, information and reports in your file cannot be shared with any outside person or organization without your written consent. Anyone accessing our services must be aware that there are certain circumstances in which confidentially cannot be maintained. These situations would include: (1) suspected child abuse or neglect (2) circumstances where the client has become a danger to themselves or others, (3) when information has been subpoenaed by the court.
Integrate Health Services consists of a multi-disciplinary team who work collaboratively with one another to support clients and their families. If you are interested in accessing additional services, please let your service provider know or contact our Intake Coordinator at 905-683-7228 ext. 4001.
We are committed to creating a strong partnership between parents/guardians and Integrate Health Services staff in order to make a positive difference for your child and family. In order for children and adolescents to feel safe and be able to identify and discuss concerns, they must feel a sense of privacy and some control over the information they share. At Integrate Health Services, it is our responsibility to honour and respect the child or adolescent’ s confidentiality- this is crucial to developing trust and achieving positive outcomes. We understand that parents/guardians want to be updated regarding the assessment/counselling process and be made aware of any information that would assist them in better supporting their child/adolescent. We will always seek permission from the child / adolescent to share relevant themes or details where it is determined to be in their best interest to do so. Children under the age of 16 require parent/guardian consent in order to access services. In situations where parents are separated or divorced and there is joint custody (even if the child lives only with one parent), both custodial parents must be aware their child is accessing services.
Our programs and services are available to anyone from birth to adulthood.
As our programs and services are customized to meet client needs, please contact us directly to hear more information about program and service fees.
Most services are accessible within 1-2 weeks. Please contact us today to book your appointment. Click Here.